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But of course. Everyone knows fat fries quicker than meat.

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Q: Do fat cells tan darker than muscle?
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Why are muscle cells smaller than fat cells?

Muscles cells are smaller than fat cells because they are more dense. These cells are more condensed than fat cells.

Do muscle cells contain more mitocondria than fat cells?

Yes they do, fat cells have very little function and therefore require much less energy than muscle cells.

How do muscle cells use fat cells when they burn?

Muscle cells don't use fat cells when they are burned. An increase in muscle can raise the metabolism causing the muscle cells to burn off the fat cells in storage.

How can you quickly convert fat cells into muscle cells?

Unfortunately, there is no way to convert fat cells into muscle cells. You need to decrease the size of fat cells and to increase the size (and perhaps quantity) of muscle cells.

Which type of cell would be more likely to have many mitochondria fat cell or muscle cell?

Mitochondria is the part of cells that generate energy by turning nutrients and oxygen into fuel for the body. Muscle cells need this ability more because they are constantly working; fat cells do not need it as much.

What synthesizes more material for newly formed muscle cells than for newly formed fat cells?

Rough endoplasmic reticulum synthesizes more material for newly formed muscle cells than for newly formed fat cells. Rough endoplasmic reticulum is an organism that is found in certain cells.

Does fat sit under the muscle or above the muscle?

above muscle; try poking your tummy while doing situps. the soft bit is fat, and underneath that, you will feel the hard muscle~. But if you have A LOT of fat, some of them will be deposited around your internal organs

Would you see more mitochondria in muscle cells or fat cells?

Of course in muscle cells.They are very active cells

Why muscle cell found in heart contain many more mitochondria than cells that store fat in adult humans?

Heart is very active than fat storing cells. It needs more energy

Does muscle jiggle more than fat?

no fat is more jigglely than muscle

What cells include fat cells bone cells nerve cells and muscle cells?

Specialized cells

Why is mitochondria found in muscle and brain cells than in skin and fat cells?

Muscles,brain are so active. They need energy greatly