Do farts go up your mouth?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Q: Do farts go up your mouth?
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Do farts have flavors?

yes, if you put your mouth were its coming from

Where do farts go when you hold them in?

some people think that farts ( or flatulence) is simply absorbed into the muscle tissue but that is just an opinion. farts actually go back up into the intestinal area and basically waits for you to relax.

What makes up a basic structure of a lipid?

Farts, Farts, And Farts.

What is the per capital income of Russia?

farts in ur mouth

What does sublamation mean?

sublimation is when farts come out through your mouth

Do all farts come from the butt?

NO, some come from the mouth and THERE CALLED BURPS

Can you decrease the smell of your farts?

NO you can not decrease the smell of your farts. Farts ,as gross as it may seem, are gases from your stomach that are released through two points in the body, mouth ( burp) and you butt ( farts) . You cannot decrease the smell because everything you eat makes you fart. So when you fart sometimes it smelly. It is just the build up of gases being released. Just hope it is not smelly in class!

What happens if a fish doesn't open its mouth?

it dies or farts 3 times a day or 1000000

Can you taste farts?

yes because you might have your mouth open so the fart goes in an then eat it

What is up with farts?

i know, right?

How are farts created?

Farts are created when food is digested in the intestines/colon. FARTS FARTS FARTS FARTS FARTS