Do eyes tell about health

Updated: 9/24/2023
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You can look at eyes to tell about an individual's health regarding cholesterol, liver diseases, or even Diabetes.

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Q: Do eyes tell about health
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How can you tell if exophoria is benign?

Exophoria is a tendency for the eyes of a person to gravitate outward. It is benign in that it will not effect the health of a person.

Can you tell someone is pregnant by looking at their eyes?

No you cannot. It is impossible to tell from a persons eyes that they are pregnant.

Can our eyes tell us our sexuality?

Eyes can tell our sexuality or sexual orientation by observing pupil dilation.

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no you should not tell your husbands mom about his health

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What gestures tell you that a person is faking happiness?

Usually you can tell when you look in his eyes. When we are really happy - we smile , or cry but always with the eyes involved. If you see someone smiles, but his eyes are not 'part of it' - you can tell he fakes it.

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"Your Eyes" -Sene

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it makes you horny

Can you tell if a person is gay by the eyes?


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