Do earthquakes make mountains

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Mountains are the result of continental drift an volcanic activity. Earthquakes are also the result of continental drift an volcanic activity. Thus the two go together but the earthquakes do not cause the mountains.

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Q: Do earthquakes make mountains
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What have earthquakes got to do with mountains?

when some earthquakes come they make the ground or surface of the earth uneven which sometimes form mountains

Do mountains prevent earthquake shocks?

Mountains do not prevent earthquakes, in fact mountains were created by the occurrence of earthquakes.

What is the connection between mountains and plate boundaries?

mountains are usually formed on plate boundaries because earthquakes happen at plate boundaries. earthquakes can form mountains.

How are mountains and earthquakes the same?

They aren't.

What area has mountains but no earthquakes?


How are earthquakes and mountains alike?

They are NOT alike.

Why does magma work its way to the surface?

when rocks push both way and they form a mountains or volcanoand they can make earthquakes

What moves mountains and earthquakes together?

earthquakes make the earths crust collide and sometimes they smash together,such as if one peice of crust goes under the other...makng a point...

Do earthquakes help mountains form?


What is responsible for earthquakes and volcanos and mountains?


How are earthquakes and plate boundaries connected?

by mountains . (:

What Type of landform result at a convergent boundary?

mountains, volcanoes. earthquakes also, but earthquakes are not a landform.