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no they are not supposed to because the cleansers are used to detoxify the bowel and get rid of impurities and toxins through the process of elimination.

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Q: Do colon cleansers cause blood in stool?
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I have found blood in my stool does this mean colon cancer?

I have found blood in my stool does this mean colon cancer

Can white blood cells in the stool be a sign of colon cancer?


Can a herniated disc cause blood in the stool?

No, a herniated disc does not cause blood in the stool. See your health care provider, as blood in the stool always deserves a visit.

If there is no blood or black in your stool why need a colonoscopy?

It's great that there's no blood in your stool, but many patients can have colon cancer or precancerous colon lesions without having a positive guaiac test. Because so many cases are missed by the test for hidden blood in the stool, colonoscopy makes sense.

is green stool a symtom of colon cancer?

is green stool a symptom of colon cancer

Can levothyroxine cause stool to turn black?

No, levothyroxine does not cause blood in your stool. Blood in the stool is a sign that always deserves a visit to your health care provider. Please make an appointment.

Can eating chipotle cause blood in the stool?

Eating a ripe jalapeno pepper, also called chipolte, will not cause blood in the stool. You may have other medical problems that cause cause bleeding.

Is it normal to poop blood?

You should be able to go to the bathroom without blood in your stool. However, if you do see some don't be alarmed. In most instances the blood doesn't indicate anything serious. It Is typically do to hemorrhoids or a tear in the lining of your anus. Some more serious reasons for blood in the stool include, Colon polyps, colon cancer, Colitius, and diverticulitis.

Could whey protein cause blood in your stool?


Can benign polyps cause occult blood in stool?


What are some causes of bloody stool?

it is possible that it is ulcers. i know if there is blood in stool it is most likely an ulcer but i am not sure about the hard part... (2nd Answer) I would suggest that a like of fibre in the diet would cause you to become constipated and have hard stools which may cause the bleeding. If the blood is bright red and on the outside of the stool this is most likely the cause (blood like this in the stool may also be caused by piles or anal fissures), try using a glycerin suppository and increase the amount of insoluble fibre (e.g. bran) in your diet. If the blood is almost purple and sticky then it is more likely to be a case of internal bleeding so it's important to see a doctor.