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Casement windows lock, they do not slide.

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Q: Do casement windows lock or slide up and down?
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Do casement windows slide up and down or have locks?

Casement windows open in our out, just like a door. They do not move up and down (those are single- or double-hung windows). See for examples. Any window that opens can have a lock.

What is the quickest way to lock down a windows work station?

Press the Windows key and L

Which are options associated with powering down a Windows computer?

shut down , log off lock

Did a vehicale in 1986 have electronic door lock and windows?

no because it didnt have the technology back then . back then they had manual roll up windows with a lever , and they had to pull down each lock to lock each side.

Can you take the safely lock off the windows in a 1997 Chevy Tahoe?

There is no safety lock on the rear windows. They roll down that far for reason. The wheel well is in the way.

Why do your windows go down on your Toyota sepuoia when you lock the doors?

I believe when you have the windows locked from the main control (Driverside) Only the driver can lower the windows. If you try to lower them from the other switches if shout NOT allow the windows to move up or down.

Does the Stinger P9T slide lock actually work?

The slide lock and release lever on the P9 was removed from the P9T.

What is the quickest way to lock down a windows workstation?

Press the windows key and L. Another method is to press ctr-alt-del.

Only your driver side widow lets down in your 1999 camary the other three does not what could it be?

You have accidentally hit the "windows lock" button. This allows the driver's window to open but no others. Hit the "windows lock" button again and everything should work fine. The "windows lock" button on my 1991 Toyota Camry is to the right of my "doors lock" button.

What is the lock for on the back bumper of the 2002 Z-71 suburban?

That lock is to keep someone from stealing your spare tire. When you remove the lock then you will be able to slide the tool in the hole and let the spare tire down to the ground.

Why do all the windows on your 98 passat go down by there self?

The comfort control in the door allows windows to raise themselves when you lock the car by turning the key in the door lock twice when locking. It is possible this switch, computer, is going bad if the windows lower by themself.

How do you keep your windows 7 taskbar permanently showing even when you have applications open?

Slide your cursor down so the taskbar rises, right-click a blank area of the taskbar and left-click 'Lock the tasbar' (2nd to last option on the pop-up menu).