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some do, some dont.

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Q: Do boys really care about cellulite?
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Do boys think its okay for a girl to ask them out?

Boys really don't care who asks who out.

Is there a skin care product for getting rid of cellulite that actually works?

NIVEA Good-Bye Cellulite Smoothing Gel-Cream For Skin does help.

Does Revitol offer an anti cellulite cream?

Yes Revitol offers anti-cellulite cream. They offer cream that will reduce the amount of cellulite and will greatly decrease how noticeable it is. It really works.

Do cellulite reduction exercises really work?

Certainly cellulite reduction exercises won't hurt and will help keep you fit, but I think it's questionable as to whether you will see noticeable cellulite reduction results.

Is cellulite really worth all the drama and attention?

While cellulite is not especially appealing to most people there is little you can really do about it short of plastic surgery. Most of the creams and quick fixes for it are just a scam.

What is cellulite?

The cellulite is fat accumulation on the body. An appareil cellulite can be used to make your body free from cellulite. The appareil cellulite is a very easy way to remove cellulite.

What are the best products to get rid of cellulite?

Cellulite creams are popular and widely available from any grocery or drug store. Almost every woman has cellulite and it's not going to hurt you. If you really want to reduce it eat healthily and get lots of exercise.

How does a girl be a caring friend without leading boys on?

they can just be really nice and really care what other people feel like...not caring means that you might not be a really good friend...a girl doesnt have to be caring to lead boys on...they can do that in a different way but i really think that a girl can be sensitive and really care for others

Do men have Cellulite?

Men can get cellulite too. Try Revitashape cellulite cream.

What do boys think after you dump them?

Some guys really don't care, but if they really like you they'll probably be sad for a while.

Why do boys be sweet to their girlfriend?

They want to show they really care And appreciate there Girlfriend and that they TRULEY love them

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