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Q: Do black lights show germs on your hands?
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Can black lights show germs?

Black lights do not show germs but, they do show bodily fluids left on surfaces if they are not totally removed.

Are there lights that show germs on your hands?

You can't see germs with a black light, but might be able to see thick lotion.

Why would hands turn black?

Its a term used in the show to identify vampires-Black bloods (their blood isn't actually black)

Why does Howie Mandel not shake hands?

Howie mandel does not shake hands with people because he, in fact, has Germaphobia (a fear of germs) and, on the reality show "America's Got Talent" he quote, said when the judges were running out to they're seats and hi-fiving the fans "I hate this part because I don't want to touch them."

My sis refuses to wash her hands and i told her the affects of it and she still wont washer hands what can you do to protect myself i told my parents and they tell her the same thing and shes refuses?

To protect yourself just whash your hands anytime you touch her or use purel because that kills germs just like soap but becareful to wash your hands anytime you toach her hands cuz you can get very ill and show her some pictures of how people got some diseases just from germs or from not washing her hands i am pretty sure she will be convinced to wash everytime now

What tv show showed how germs were spread?


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yes it does

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