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Q: Do bellybuttons get over weight
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Do chickens eat bellybuttons?

Yes, they do eat bellybuttons. It's their favorite food!

Why do dolphins have bellybuttons?

Dolphins are placental mammals. All placental mammals have bellybuttons of some kind.

Why do cats have bellybuttons?

Cats are placental mammals, and all placental mammals have bellybuttons of some sort.

Do dolphins bellybuttons?

As a matter of fact, dolphins do have bellybuttons. All mammals have them because that is where their umbilical cord was connected.

Do bellybuttons make you breathe?


Do vampires have bellybuttons?


Who has a fettish for bellybuttons?

James baldry

What animals have bellybuttons?

Mammals, yes.

Can bellybuttons come undone?

Umm, no ;)

Do pigs have bellybuttons?

no pigs dont have belly buttons

If you are born again do you have two bellybuttons?

Bellybuttons come from bodily birth. Born again usually refers to a spiritual rebirth, which doesn't leave a bodily scar.

Where on the horses body is there bellybutton?

Horses don't have bellybuttons.