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Post mortem just means "after death" a "Post mortem examination" is also known as an autopsy.

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Q: Do autospy and post mortem have essentially the same meaning?
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Where does post mortem come from?

Post mortem comes from Latin; it literally means after death.

Does autopsy and post mortem have the same meaning?

Effectively, yes. Post mortem means after death. A post mortem examination is the same thing as an autopsy. Post mortem lividity is lividity which occurs after death.

What language does post mortem come from?

The term "post mortem" comes from Latin, with "post" meaning "after" and "mortem" meaning "death". It is used to refer to an examination or analysis of a situation after it has ended or failed.

What is post martum?

Post-mortem (meaning after death)

Who is a post-mortem carried out on?

Mortem = death. A post-mortem is carried out on someone who has past mortem or died.

Where did the words post mortem come from?

The term "post mortem" is a Latin phrase that translates to "after death." It is commonly used in English to refer to an examination or investigation that takes place after someone has died to determine the cause of death.

What is medical term meaning after death?

Post-mortem is the medical term meaning after death.

Do 'autopys' and 'post-mortem' have essentialy the same meaning?

YES they do :) + :( = :D

What does 'post mortem' mean?

Post mortem means "after death."

What is the plural of post mortem?

Ridiculous! Post mortem is Latin. You don't add s to build a plural.

Post mortem and ante mortem examination on meat?

Post mortem means after death, and ante mortem means before death.

When was Post Mortem - album - created?

Post Mortem - album - was created on 2011-08-23.