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Q: Do antibiotics affect hair make it dry or greasy?
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Does brushing hair make it greasy?

No brushing your hair does not make it greasy, however when yOu brush your hair it sort of sticks to your head, which when your hair is already greasy can be annoying. A way to make you hair not look that greasy and stuck together is to dry yOur hair using a hairdryer but when your hair is dry it will force yOur haIRS apart and make them look less greasy. !! Good luck :)

Why does your hair get greasy quickly?

Your Hair can get greasy as you get older. Also if you put a lot of products that will make your hair greasy because most products are made out of mostly oil. !..~Maggie~..!

Does straightening your hair make it greasy?

No. Dirt and natural oils makes it greasy

Does marijuana make your hair greasy?

No, it doesn't.

Does greasy hair grow faster?

no, GIRL hair that is greasy never grows fast and it is justdisgusting really take a shower to make your hair grow and the summer to!!

Why is your hair greasy?

Some peoples hair gets greasy naturally from general dirt but also sebum, a substance produced by the body which is oily. Sweat may also make your hair greasy. To prevent this you should wash hair daily with a shampoo specially formulated for greasy hair. I would not recommend conditioning.

Is it good toput conditioner in your hair when its dry?

No, because it will make your hair greasy.

Can you use shower gel to wash your hair?

No it will make your hair greasy and oily.

Does baby powder help for greasy hair?

No, it will just make your hair look white.

Can Shampoo make your hair greasy?

Shampoo can actually make your hair dry. If you wash your hair too much, it will strip your hair of its natural oils.

Does peanut butter make your hair look greasy?

No, it makes my hair look peanut buttery.

If you water your hair after you get a perm will it make your hair look greasy?

Nope, but it will take the curls out of your hair and ruin your perm.