Do airbags save more lives then seatbelts?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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The truth of the matter more accidents occur without the deployment of the airbag than with. The airbag will not save your life if you don't use the seatbelt with it.

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Q: Do airbags save more lives then seatbelts?
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Who should wear seatbelts?

Everyone should wear seatbelts. They save lives

Why do automobiles need airbags?

To save lives.

Do airbags save more than kill?


Do airbags kill more than they save?


How many airbags are there in a 2007 Mazda 3?

The 2007 Mazda 3 offers side-curtain airbags as well as the standard driver and passenger front collision airbags. There is new evidence that these airbags are helping to save lives daily.

Why do seatbelts save lives?

ANSWER 1:Because if you have a car accident you might fly through the windshield of the car or you might hit the steering wheel Both go with almost certain death That is why seatbelts save lives ANSWER 2: watch ZOMBIELAND (movie) it is a very good example ps: i cant believe you are asking something like that

How many lives overall are estimated to be saved each year?

NTSB estimates that seatbelts save over 9500 lives per year as stated on an NTSB safety video.

What is the difference between a thief and a seatbelt?

1. A thief takes something out of your car, while a seatbelt keeps someone in your car. 2. Sometimes a thief will take a life, while seatbelts are designed to save lives. 3. The law requires seatbelts to be installed in every car, but thieves are not required.

Why people wear seatbelts?

Many people don't wear seat belts because they think it is a personal choice. Seat belts do protect lives, and wearing one can save you hundreds of dollars.

Why is it the law to wear a seat belt in cars and trucks and vans?

In the old days seatbelts were optional so most people never wore them. Unfortunately a lot of people died in car accidents. Most people who died in car accidents didn't wear their seatbelts. In the late 80's the government past the law that children had to wear their seatbelts but adults didn't have to. A few months or a few years later they past a law that adults had to wear their seatbelts. Seatbelts save lives but there's still a chance that you can die in a car crash anyway but it reduces your chances by 80%.

What are the dangers of a vehicle with passive restraints?

Passive restraints, such as airbags, , deploy with such force that it could seriously injure or kill a young child. That's why you can disable most passenger side airbags in 2 door pickups. Other than that sir bags along with seat belts save lives.

What is bad about wearing seatbelts?

While seat belts are required to be worn and save lives, there is a possibility that in some situations, such as accidents, they could stick or the person could not get it released in time to get out of the car, such as the car catching on fire or sinking into water.