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Yes they do. You will have to get at least get collision insurance if you want to drive a car in Pennsylvania. More insurance is good though.

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Q: Do Pennsylvania car insurance laws require you to have collision?
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Do 4 wheelers for sale require insurance?

ATV insurance requirements can vary from state to state. Some states, like Pennsylvania, do require ATV insurance for 4-wheelers. Some states may not require full coverage insurance but do require liability. And some states do not require ATV insurance at all. It is best to check one's state laws on the requirements of that state for 4-wheeler insurance.

What are the car insurance laws for Pennsylvania residents?

The Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles lists all laws pertaining to car insurance on its website. You will be able to find all the information you need at

What is the law regarding automobile insurance in Pennsylvania?

There are probably about 500 laws in Pennsylvania regarding automobile insurance. You need to be a little more specific as to what about auto insurance you are concerned about. Sorry.

Do you know of any car insurance agencies in Pennsylvania that offer cheap insurance rates after having an accident?

Getting insurance in Pennsylvania can be a hassle because of new state laws. In this area liberty mutual and progressive auto insurance is going to be the cheapest.

Where can I find Pennsylvania laws and regulations regarding health care as well as the insurance companies?

You can go to your states department of insurance website. You can find all the information you need about health insurance companies and state laws and regulations regarding health insurance in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania Bureau of Consumer Service ( 1209 Strawberry Square Harrisburg, PA 17120 1-877-881-6388

What kind of motor insurance do you need for a motorcycle?

You need standard vehicle collision insurance, this will depend on the laws of your state. You should probably get bodily injury insurance as well, since the rates of injury is higher for motorcycles.

What types of motor insurance coverages are there?

The types of Motor Insurance coverages that are available are Auto Liability Insurance, Liability Car Insurance, Personal Injury Protection and Collision only. The type of coverage also depends on the state as they have different laws.

What does it mean if you're obligated to get car insurance?

The word obligated means: You Have To. Most States have minimum insurance laws. All lenders require insurance on the car.

How do you cancel car insurance and changed insurance?

Insurance can be canceled in a couple of ways. The easiest is to refrain from paying the next premium whereupon the policy will cancel for lack of payment of premium. However, it is important, before you do this, to have suitable new insurance in place. You need this for self-protection, and also because all states require compliance with Financial Responsibility Laws. These laws require the maintenance of auto insurance, and inn the event of noncompliance, your license and tags can be suspended. Additionally, if the car is financed, the bank or finance company will require proof of insurance to protect its interest in the collateral. Failing receipt of the proof, it will obtain single party insurance on the collateral to protect its interest. This is usually much more costly than naming the financier as a loss payee on your collision coverage through your own insurer.

When in an auto accident and the police are called and the party that was at fault and does not have his insurance information with him how long does he have to get this information to the officer.?

Laws differ from state to state. In this case you should contact the police to find out about the law regarding proof of insurance, but if insurance information wasn't available at the time of the collision, you may as turn the collision in to your insurance, since the other driver probably isn't insured.

Do the car insurance New Mexico laws say I have to have some sort of insurance?

New Mexico does require that its drivers have car insurance. The minimum car insurance required is at least liability.

Understanding Pennsylvania Car Insurance Laws?

Drivers with currently registered vehicles in the state of Pennsylvania must carry liability insurance according to Pennsylvania car insurance laws. Car insurance protects other motorists driving on Pennsylvania roads by covering property damage or injuries that you have caused. Pennsylvania car insurance laws state that drivers can be penalized if they fail to maintain adequate liability insurance.Mandatory Coverage Required in PennsylvaniaAutomotive insurance is mandatory for drivers in Pennsylvania. The minimum amount of coverage required by state law is $15,000 per individual, $30,000 per incident involving more than one person and $5,000 for property damage. Drivers desiring to protect their personal assets may purchase additional coverage. If you are involved in an accident that is considered your fault and the value of the other driver's claims exceed your policy coverage, the driver has the right to take action against you concerning the amount that was not covered by your insurance policy.Penalties for Not Maintaining Vehicle Insurance in PennsylvaniaDrivers who fail to comply with Pennsylvania car insurance laws may face severe penalties. A driver whose insurance coverage has expired for longer than one month will receive a vehicle registration suspension for 90 days. A driver whose insurance coverage has been expired for less than one month must confirm with PennDOT that the car was not driven while the insurance was expired. Individuals driving vehicles without the proper insurance coverage in Pennsylvania will also have their driver's license suspended for 90 days. PennDOT requires that drivers turn in their vehicle registration plate, card, sticker and driver's license while serving the suspension. Drivers can reinstate their vehicle registration and driver's license by paying a $50 reinstatement fee and submitting proof of insurance.Insurance Company RequirementsPennsylvania car insurance laws allow insurance companies to use consumers' personal credit histories to determine insurance coverage and rates. Insurance companies are required to notify PennDOT when a Pennsylvania driver's insurance policy is cancelled. State law does not require insurance companies to notify PennDot of insurance policy reinstatement. That is the responsibility of the driver.