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Your auto insurance covers the trailer as well so there is no need for travel trailer insurance.

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Q: Do I need to have travel trailer insurance, or will my auto insurance cover the trailer as well?
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Where can I find travel trailer insurance?

Any auto insurance company should also cover trailers.

Does car insurance cover towing travel trailer in Texas?

It's always best to get an additional "rider" on your auto insurance when towing a travel trailer, especially one that you don't own. If you do own such a trailer, you would already have insurance on it and would not need the "rider" attachment.

Does auto insurance cover trailer?

Yes. In Colorado a trailer would be covered under the auto insurance policy. If you have a fifth wheel or camper I would recommended and insurance policy by itself on it.

What exactly is Travel Trailer Insurance and how do I go about getting it?

Travel trailer insurance insures a trailer (and generally the contents) hitched to another vehicle. Many auto insurance companies (e.g. Progressive) well sell you a policy.

What can insurance be used to cover?

Insurance can be used to cover a number of things such as: life insurance, auto insurance, travel insurance, home insurance, and business or corporate insurance.

What types of policy can be obtained from Swift Cover Insurance?

Swift Cover Insurance is an insurance company that provides its customers with a variety of plans. They provide insurance plans that cover auto accidents and travel accidents.

Does the AMI Insurance Company cover more than just auto and home insurance?

AMI Insurance Company has many different types of insurance. In addition to auto and home policies, you can also get farm, lifestyle, motorcycle, contents, boat, and trailer insurance.

Does comprehensive auto insurance cover transmission work?

Not unless the transmission was damaged in an auto accident. Auto Insurance does not cover maintenance nor does it cover normal wear and tear.

Will auto insurance cover the use of ATVs too?

I am unsure if Auto Insurance will cover ATVs on the road, or off road.

Will state farm auto insurance cover a boat rental?

Auto insurance will not cover a boat under any circumstances.

Why is damage to watercraft or trailers excluded?

Because watercraft is usually covered by your home or renter's insurance. The trailer can either be included on your home insurance or on your auto insurance but you must have the trailer listed on your auto policy in order for it to be covered there.

Will homeowners insurance cover injuries from an auto accident on private property?

No. Homeowners Insurance does not cover Auto accidents. Auto Insurance covers automobiles. It does not matter if the auto accident was on public or private property.