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When renting an automobile from Hertz you will be offered the opportunity to take out Insurance for the time that you will be renting the car. It is a good idea to do so since your own auto insurance may not cover specific damages or losses.

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Q: Do I need special insurance to rent an automobile from Hertz rental?
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How much is car rental insurance for a Chevy trailblazer at hertz?


Which companies in New York offer automobile rental?

Many companies in New York offer automobile rental, such as Hertz, Gotham Cars, and Enterprise. You can contact them in order to find out more information.

What types of discounts does Hertz car rental offer?

Hertz car rental offers a number of discounts to Canadian Automobile Members including $50 off monthly rentals, and Aeroplan members can get up to 35% off and bonus Aeroplan miles.

Where is a good car insurance rental?

There are a few car insurance rental companies that are known world wide. Examples of these are Hertz, Avis, Sixt and Alamo. A good place that one can find these is at an airport.

Who owns Hertz rental car?

Ford owns Hertz Rental car.

How is Hertz superior to other rental car companies?

Hertz is a very reputable car rental company. Compared to other car rental companies, the rates at Hertz is lower than others. Hertz also offers a wide veriety of rental vehicles to choose from.

Is there hertz car rental in Spain?

There are Hertz Care Rental companies in Spain. Several major cities that are popular to visit, such as Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia, have Hertz Rental Car locations.

Where can I get hertz car rental coupons?

At, there are numerous codes listed for Hertz. Hertz rental coupons can be a bit tricky to find, since they usually offer deals on their website that don't require the use of a special code, but by going to this website, you'll find some that may shave a little bit more off your rental price.

What are the insurance rates at hertz rental?

Hertz does not publish its insurance rates on their website. The rates will often vary based on location, so the best way to evaluate the rates is to contact the location you are planning to use and ask them for their rates directly.

What type of automobile is a mietwagen?

Mietwagen is a German word that translates into English to be a rental car or a hired car. An example of a mietwagen would be Hertz, Enterprise, and Avis.

Where can one find cheap automobile rental in the UK?

There are many places one could find cheap automobile rentals in the United Kingdom. One looking for cheap automobile rentals in the United Kingdom should consider visiting Enterprise or Hertz on the web or in person.

What is hertz car rental rate code mclw?

what is the hertz mclw rate