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The east coast has more American and European history, more European influence, more population density, more people, smaller states, not as warm and dry, and hosts more overweight people than the west coast.

The west coast has more Mexican and Spanish history amd influence, less population density (except California), generally less people, larger states, warmer and drier, hosts more normal weight people.

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Q: Differences between west coast and east coast?
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What are the cultural differences and similarities between the east and west coast?

east is east and west is west.

What is the difference between east and west coast?

The east coast is on the east and the west coast is on the west.

What are some differences in the land features of the east coast versus the west coast?


Why there is a difference between traveling time from east coast to west coast and from west coast to east coast?

If you're in an airplane, it's because of prevailing winds.

How much time ahead is the east coast to the west coast?

In the United States, the East Coast is on Eastern Standard Time while the West Coast is on Pacific Standard Time. Between the two is Central Standard Time and Mountain Standard Time, for a total of three time zones between the East Coast and the West Coast. Therefore, the East Coast is 3 hours ahead of the West Coast - ie, 5 PM on the East Coast is 2 PM on the West Coast.

What will the time difference be in November 11 2014 between east coast and west coast in US?

The east coast of the U.S. is three hours ahead of the west coast of the U.S.

Is NWA west or east coast?

west coast

What was one of the differences between the east and the west emperors byzantine empire?

what was one of the major differences between the powers of the emperors in the east and the west

What is one difference between the West coast and the East coast of the United States?

The primary difference is the timezone. There is a three hour difference between the two coasts (the East is three hours ahead). Historically, the cities in the East coast grew in size earlier than the West, so there are numerous differences in how they are arranged and how tightly packed they are. The two coasts also have distinctly different climates.

Is the California coast east or west?

California is on the west coast of the US, on the Pacific Ocean, between Oregon and Mexico.

What is the distance between west coast of wales to east coast of England?

320 miles.

Is Florida is in the west?

Florida is in the South East coast. California is in the West coast.