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oral and verbal both are same...

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Q: Difference between oral and verbal communication?
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What is oral or verbal communication?

It is known as talking. Verbal - describing something Oral - using your mouth

What are the channels of verbal communication?

oral conversation

What is the difference between oral and written communication?

Oral is spoken and written is read

Levels of oral communication?

There are two types of communication, and they are verbal and non-verbal. The levels of oral communication are sound, language, tone and inflection, public speaking, interpersonal, slogans, and written communication.

What are the elements in oral communication?

verbal , vocal , visual

What is verbal communication channel?

A verbal communication channel refers to the platform through which oral messages use. Verbal communication is one of the main forms of communication and is used in all sectors.

What are the basic form of communication?

Communication is the process of expressing and imparting information and idea. The forms of communication are oral verbal, written verbal and body language.

What is verbal community?

Verbal communication is communication that uses words, either written or spoken. This is in contrast to non-verbal communication, such as body language. "Verbal" is sometimes used colloquially in the sense of "spoken," but it is better to use "oral" in that context, to avoid ambiguity.

What are the six forms of English communication?

oral,written,formal,informal,verbal, and non-verbal that's are the six form of English communication. BY:RUSTY LOPEZ

Definition of verbal oral communication?

speech, talking, words cuming in the mouth

Different between speech and oral communication?

Speech is oral communication.

Different types of verbal communication'?

there are basically two types of verbal communication:- 1.oral-wich means spken words 2.writeen-which means in written form there are basically two types of verbal communication:- 1.oral-wich means spken words 2.writeen-which means in written form