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Q: Difference between general purpose register nd segment?
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What is the difference between General Purpose Registers and Special Purpose Registers?

general purpose registers are basically used to hold temporarily data and intermediately result. example: ax,bx,cx,dx each of 16 bits. whereas special purpose register are primely used for memory access. it is of two types : 1. segment register and 2. index register/ pointer

What is the specific purpose of hl register?

HL is a general purpose 16 bit register. It is also the address in memory of the M register.

How many general purpose register?


What is the difference between general-purpose and special-purpose applications?

General purpose means it can be used for many things. Special purpose means only for a particular thing.

What a registers?

register is small storage space in memory which is in use of processor There are two types of register 1. General purpose register 2. special purpose register

Can the program counter be one of the general purpose register?


Is accumulator a general purpose register?

Yes and no. You can use it as a general purpose register, but if you do that, you will lose the ability to perform arithmetic and logical computations and comparisons that would normally use the accumulator.

What is the price difference between plenum grade and general purpose cable?

Here in Louisville, KY General purpose runs for about 75$ a box and Plenum is $250.

What are the general purpose register in 8085 microprocessor?

6 general purpose registers.i.e., B,C,D,E,H,L

A Discuss the difference and similarities between embedded systems and general purpose workstations?

inside my dreams

What is difference between hardwired system and general purpose hardware system?

Hardwire systems have limited tasks where as multi purpose systems are multitasked

Difference between general-purpose and special-purpose application?

By using general purpose software a user can fulfill his or her general needs By using special purpose software a user can fulfill his or her specific needs for which this special purpose software has been designed.