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Dexcool is considered a organic compound, as regular antifreeze is considered a glycol compound. They are not compatible with each other, although there are what is called universal antifreeze's available that supposedly can be mixed in either.

Also as a side note, there are no official colors of antifreeze. A manufacturers antifreeze can be any color he chooses. It is up to the person to determine what antifreeze is suitable for a car or truck.

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Q: Difference between dexcool and regular antifreeze?
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What is the difference between diesel antifreeze and regular antifreeze?

Absolutely nothing.

Can Dexcool be mixed with regular antifreeze?

SEE DEXCOOL CLASSACTION SUIT" I would NOT use it.......$$$$. I HAVE SEEN THE GUNK & BLOWN HEADGASKETS................................$$$$$$$$$$

What type of antifreeze is in the 1999 Bravada?

it doesen t use regular antifreeze, you have to use dexcool, its orange color

2001 Chevy Suburban can you use regular antifreeze?

you can but you shouldn`t...use only dexcool.

Can universal antifreeze mix with dexcool?

The answer is no. any regular or universal antifreeze will gum up and ruin your entire cooling system when it is mixed with dexcool. If you want to use any green coolant you will need to drain and flush your your system first.

What type of antifreeze is needed for 98 Chevy 1500 van?

It came with "Dex Cool" in it originally. (Red colored fluid). This antifreeze is responsible for softening the seals and causing intake gasket leaks on small block GM vehicles. Flush the dex-cool out as best you can and refill it with antifreeze that is designed to be mixed with either type of coolant. Mixing regular antifreeze with Dexcool unless it states on the container that it is intended to be mixed with it will cause the Dexcool to turn to jello and will plug up your system. Dexcool should be removed and flushed out COMPLETELY before adding any other type of antifreeze.

How much does Dexcool antifreeze cost?

DON'T USE DEXCOOL.Drain out your system,Flush it out, And replace with regular anti freeze. O'reilly brand is O K. The Green stuff.

Can extended life antifreeze be added to regular antifreeze?

Yes and no. When extended life antifreeze first became popular (GM's silicate-free Dexcool, aka "the orange stuff"), mixing the two types was not recommended because you would lose all benefits of the extended life antifreeze. Recently, several manufacturers have come out with extended life antifreeze that can be mixed with the original "green" stuff. To further confuse you, the 'new' extended life antifreeze is generally also green. And Dexcool approved orange coolants are also still available. Without a complete flush of the system, however, I'm not sure the extended life antifreeze of any color will buy you more time. But it will work the same as regular antifreeze.

Why would there be mud in the radiator of a 1996 GMC sonoma?

it is not mud. Most 94 and later GM'S come out with Dexcool antifreeze. If it hasn't been changed it will kinda look like mud. My recomendation would be to flush the whole cooling system and replace with regular or universal antifreeze.

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Difference between a cordless keyboard and a regular keyboard?"

What is the difference between Saigon cinnamon and regular cinnamon?

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Why is the engine coolant RED in 2000 alero from the factory and not yellow-green as other cars?

Because the manufacturer used a red dye instead of a yellow or green dye. Its called Dexcool and it is that cooler so can tell them apart dont mix them, and use dexcool as called for by GM. The coolant is red rather than green because it is not regular antifreeze. This is a special GM coolant known as DEXCOOL. Dexcool is a phosphate and silicate free coolant, coherently making it a more stable and longer lasting product.

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