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Mainstream historians seem to agree that, in Israel/Judea, flocks were kept in the fields only during the period from approximately April through October. Cold nights and frequent cold rains made the other months difficult for grazing and herding.

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Q: Did shepherds have their flocks in the fields in cold weather in Bible times?
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Which book of the bible tells about shepherds in the fields abiding?


What time or in the bible says that Jesus was born?

Jesus was not born on December 25. He was born at a time when shepherds would be out with their flocks at night, which is not in December, even in

When do jehovah's witnesses believe jesus to be born?

The Watchtower 1952 12/15 p. 740 The Unchristian Christmas says,'he [Jesus] was born 33 1⁄2 years prior thereto, or on about October 1, and in the year 2 B.C.'The Jewish month of Chislev (corresponding to November/December) was a month with cold and rainy weather. The month after that was Tebeth (December/January). It saw the lowest temperatures of the year, with occasional snows in the highlands.Ezra shows that Chislev was indeed a month known for cold and rainy weather. After stating that a crowd had gathered in Jerusalem "in the ninth month [Chislev] on the twentieth day of the month," Ezra reports that people were "shivering . . . on account of the showers of rain." Concerning weather conditions at that time of the year, the congregated people themselves said: "It is the season of showers of rain, and it is not possible to stand outside." (Ezra 10:9, 13; Jeremiah 36:22)The Bible reports that shepherds were in the fields tending their flocks on the night of Jesus' birth. Luke shows that at that time, shepherds were "living out of doors and keeping watches in the night over their flocks" near Bethlehem. (Luke 2:8-12) Notice that the shepherds were actually living out of doors, not just strolling outside during the day. They had their flocks in the fields at night.Witnesses believe what is in the bible. The bible does not explicitly say when Jesus was born but it seems clear it was not in December.The article at the related link is very interesting.

How was the news of Jesus birth spread?

Luke 2:8-14 tells us that shepherds were watching their flocks of sheep in the fields by night. Then an angel appeared to them and announced Jesus' birth and told them how they could find Him. Get a Bible and read the beautiful story for yourself.

Who in The Bible were shepherds?

Usually men but not always as Moses discovered, they are 'herdsmen' who take care of 'flocks' of sheep/lambs (usually). Genesis 46:32 King James Version (KJV) 32 And the men are shepherds, for their trade hath been to feed cattle; and they have brought their flocks, and their herds, and all that they have.

What day did the shephard's visit Jesus?

We are told in Luke 2:8 that the shepherds were watching their flocks at night when the angel told them about the Christ child. We do not know what the date was on the Jewish calendar or our calendar.

Is December 25 really the day Jesus was born?

No. The Bible says that at the time of His birth, "And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night." Luke 2:8. Shepherds do not keep their flocks in the fields in the winter in Israel at night, because it is very cold then at night in Israel.Another Answer:For proof that the above is not correct and for information as to why Jesus could very well have been born on December 25 see the link below.

Who was the first to hear the good news of Jesus' birth?

The Bible doesn't specifically say who, but the first reported people to know of it were the shepherds in the nearby fields. Not having been recorded in scripture who was first other than the shepherds. It is most likely that the Wise men who came to see the Christ heard of His birth before the shepherds. The shepherds lived nearby, while the Wise men had some distance to travel.

Who visited Jesus in his manger?

The Bible only says that the Shepherds visited Him in the manger not much else is known

Who are the three Shepherds?

Actually the Bible does not limit the number of Shepherds or Wisemen (magoi) to three

How many female shepherds were there in the bible?

Zipporah and Rachel

Who is the shepherds in the bible?

Jesus Christ is the Good Shepherd. Please read John, chapter 10, verse one through 42. Christians are the "sheep" and Jesus is our "Good Shepherd". He will never leave us and will always take care of us. We have nothing to fear because of the Good Shepherd.