Did not come or did not came?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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The correct grammar is 'did not come.' Came is the indicative past tense..come

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Q: Did not come or did not came?
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What is came in Latin?

As in "I came?" "Veni."As in "to come?" "Venire."As in "to have come?" "Venisse."

Is it had come or had came?

Had come.

What is the past form of come?

The past form of come is came.

Should it be it came or it come?

The answer is it came.

Who did come or who came?

Either, depending on the usage. Both of the following are correct: Who came to the party? If you didn't come, then who did come?

What is the past tense word for come?

The past tense of "come" is "came."

When do you use come instead of came?

Come is the conjugation for the future and present tenses, as in "In the future, I will come" or "Come here, right now." Came is the past tense, as in "Ten years ago, he came here."

What is the future tense for came?

Came is the past tense of come.Future tenses for come are:will come -- I will come and see you tomorrowam/is/are going to come -- She is going to come home next coming -- I am coming home soon.

Did she came there is this sentence correct?

The correct sentence is "Did she come there?" - using "came" is not grammatically correct in this context.

What is the past tense of the word come?

The past tense of "come" is "came."

What is the past participle of came?

'Came' is the past tense of the verb 'come'. The past participle is also 'come'. 'I have come to the end of my speech.'

Which is correct - 'She didn't came' or 'She didn't come'?

"She didn't come" is the correct way of saying this. You could say "She never came" or "She didn't want to come" or "It was her fault she didn't come and nothing to do with me" or "It doesn't matter whether she came or not" After a form of 'to do' you always say the infinite vrom of the verb