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Q: Did jeffrey Donovan live with kathryn kovarik?
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Who are famous people that live in barnet?

Stephanie Beecham. Lonnie Donovan. Babs Lord (Pans People). Carol Hawkins.

Whatever happened to Kathryn Breech who played Karen Wolek for a while on One Life to Live?

Good looking woman in 1976. Probably a hag now living off her 3rd husbands money.

Who is the lead singer of mushroomhead?

Jeffrey Nothing Waylon Reavis is only the Screamer in the Band. Waylons not just the screamer, he's a singer too. u just wouldn't know unless you'v been to a live show a seen a vid.

What celebrities live in Seattle?

There are several celebrities that are from Seattle, Washington. Some of the celebs are Jean Smart, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Tori Black.

What movie and television projects has Jeffrey Donovan been in?

Jeffrey Donovan has: Played himself in "Entertainment Tonight" in 1981. Played himself in "Live with Regis and Kathie Lee" in 1988. Played Himself - Guest in "Live with Regis and Kathie Lee" in 1988. Played Pete Gulley in "Throwing Down" in 1995. Played Tom in "Spin City" in 1996. Played Randy in "Critical Choices" in 1996. Played Kyle in "The Pretender" in 1996. Played Henry Addison in "Sleepers" in 1996. Played himself in "The View" in 1997. Played Hotel Employee in "Vegas Vacation" in 1997. Played Brad Ulrich in "The Beat" in 2000. Played Jeffrey Patterson in "Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2" in 2000. Played Julio in "Bait" in 2000. Played William Ivers in "Crossing Jordan" in 2001. Played Daniel Germaine in "Witchblade" in 2001. Played Todd Kendrick in "CSI: Miami" in 2002. Played Robert Jennings in "Purpose" in 2002. Played Steve Wagner in "Monk" in 2002. Played himself in "The Sharon Osbourne Show" in 2003. Played Detective Inspector Dave Creegan in "Touching Evil" in 2004. Played Detective David Creegan in "Touching Evil" in 2004. Played Dr. Julian Sloan in "Threshold" in 2005. Played Cal, Cal Percell in "Come Early Morning" in 2006. Played Clay Driscoll in "Believe in Me" in 2006. Performed in "Enemies" in 2006. Played Michael Westen in "Burn Notice" in 2007. Played Captain J.J. Jones in "Changeling" in 2008. Played himself in "Partners in Crime: Clint Eastwood and Angelina Jolie" in 2009. Played himself in "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" in 2009. Played himself in "Changeling - Partners in Crime: Bringing Changeling to the Screen" in 2009. Played Robert Kennedy in "J. Edgar" in 2011. Played Himself - Guest in "The Chew" in 2011. Played Michael Westen in "Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe" in 2011. Performed in "Welcome to Harmony" in 2014.

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What are the ratings and certificates for The Donovan Concert Live in L-A- - 2007 TV?

The Donovan Concert Live in L-A- - 2007 TV is rated/received certificates of: USA:G

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Kathryn A. Larin has written: 'Enough to live on' -- subject(s): Aid to families with dependent children programs, Poverty, Government policy

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