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In the arctic and alpine regions, pink and red snow is not an uncommon sight. The color comes from algae that live among the crystals.

However, snow has also been known to fall in tints of blue, green, gray, and black. On Christmas of 1969, black snow fell on a 16,000-square-mile region of Sweden. The snow had apparently accumulated local soot and pollution in its fall. When it was later examined, it was found to contain DDT and PCBs. In 1953, glowing green snow fell near Dana, California (USA). People who tasted the flakes reported a green persimmon flavor, but many who touched the substance came up with rashes and severe itching. The source of the green snow is still a mystery.

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Yes, black snow fell in Sweden during Christmas of 1969 due to air pollution from factories and cars. The snow was not naturally black but was contaminated with soot and pollutants from the environment.

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Q: Did black snow fell at the Christmas of 1969 in Sweden?
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