Did Lauren lane die

Updated: 9/16/2023
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As of 6-3-2010 she is still alive.

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Q: Did Lauren lane die
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How did Lauren Lane die?

The year pickle's were made

What is Lauren Lane's birthday?

Lauren Lane was born on February 2, 1961.

When was Lauren Lane born?

Lauren Lane was born on February 2, 1961.

Does Lauren Lane have a baby?

Lauren Lane has a daughter named Kate (born February 23, 1998).

Who played cc babcock on the nanny?

Lauren Lane plays C. C. badcock

How old is Lauren Lane?

US actress Lauren Lane is 56 years old (birthdate: February 2, 1961).

What is Lauren Lane's daughter's name?


Is Lauren lane married?

Yes, and she has a daughter.

Who is Lauren lane?

She is an actress. She played C.C. Babcock in The Nanny.

Is Lauren lane dead?

No because she has children and she has 2010 pics:))

What is Lauren Lane best known for?

Lauren Lane was best known for her role on The Nanny, an American Television show in the 90's. She played the role of C. C. Babcock on the television show.

When did Lauren Gale die?

Lauren Gale died in 1996.