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Q: Did Alicia Myers shoot her boyfriend?
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Where is Alicia Myers now?

Alicia Myers was born, raised and still lives in Detroit!

Who is Alicia's boyfriend in the clique?

In the Clique novels Alicia's boyfriend is named Josh Hotz.

Does carolyne Myers have a boyfriend?

No she does not.

Does Alicia Banit have a boyfriend?

Yes she does

Is Alicia Keys Single?

No, Alicia Keys is not single.

Does Tyler Myers shoot right or left?

NHL player Tyler Myers shoots right.

Who is Alicia Keys boyfriend?

Swizz Beatz

Who does Alicia Keys love?

she loves her boyfriend

Is Alicia single?

Yess she is , she is having a baby with her boyfriend

Who is Kerry krucial?

Kerry Krucial is the boyfriend of Alicia Keyes

Who is Crucial Keys?

Krucial Kerry is Alicia Keys's boyfriend

Where can one find the name of Alicia Keys' boyfriend?

Alicia Key's is now married to her boyfriend and his name is Swizz Beatz. They married in 2010. This information can be found on Wikipedia and on her own website.