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yes they both were

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Q: Deal or no deal tv show canceled?
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What is a tv show starting with a D?

deal or no deal

Do deal or no deal tv show real?


How can you get application form for participating in Deal or No Deal game show in Surya tv?

There are many places where one could get an application form for the TV show Deal or No Deal. The best place to get an application for Deal or No Deal would be from their website.

How do you be on deal or no deal the tv show?

compete entry form

What is the most popular game show on tv?

deal or no deal

What is the best number to choose on deal or no deal?

The luckiest number to choose on the tv show "Deal or No Deal" is whichever number you consider to be your luckiest number.

How many cases does the contestant first choose fromOn the TV show Deal or No Deal?


What was eminems favorite tv show?

eminems favourite show is deal or not deal

How do you enter deal or no deal to play on the tv show?

first go watch WWE and u know from there

On the tv show Deal or No Deal there are 30 suitcases containing sums of money?

False - there are only 26

Why do they say Deal or No Deal?

The people say the deal or no deal due to it being a tv show. People use info they know to respond to unique questiosn to gain access to more money options.

What is a long running television game show called?

lets make a deal