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Not a chance

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Q: Could the pancreas be pooped out?
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Why did congressmen believe Henry Clay could resolve the debate?

Because he pooped it out

Why can't the pancreas be transplanted?

You can't get a new pancreas because diabetes is a yeast around the pancreas. Taking it out or even replacing it could be dangerous to your health.

What was Helen Keller's main accomplishment?

she pooped..

What does the leader of the Iroquois tribe do?

he pooped on babies so they could now be a part of real life.

Where can one find more information about pancreas online?

WebMD has a lot of useful information about the pancreas on their website. They list all of the possible symptoms and problems that a person could have with a pancreas

How do you treat gas in the pancreas?

Problems with the pancreas can cause gas, but if you actually have gas in your pancreas, that's abnormal. The treatment depends on what's causing the problem, which could be a variety of things.

Could pancreas problems cause you to vomit?

Yes, it can. Pancreas problems can cause fluid and air to build up in the stomach, which can cause severe vomiting.

Insulin is to the pancreas as?

Insulin is the to pancreas as bile is to the liver in the way that they each produce these things. Though there are many another analogies you could create that would be equally true, if not more accurate, such as, Insulin is the the pancreas as erythropoietin is to the kidneys.

Do you like to be pooped on?


What does too pooped to pop mean?

The slang phase, "Too pooped to pop" means ... 'Too pooped' = too tired or worn out; 'to pop' = to participate/join in some activity

What causes pain in the bottom left side of the stomach?

It could have something to do with your pancreas.

Where is glucagon made?

Glucagon is made in the pancreas