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I am looking for any store anywhere to charge send item # 424071 cable knit, 100% cotton, shawl collar sweater in size large in ivory. does one exist?

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Looking for Karen Scott layered look of on sale

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Q: Contact Karen Scott clothing line
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What company manufactures the Karen Scott Clothing line?

The Karen Scott clothing line is manufactured by Macy's. It is one of Macy's exclusive private label brands for women's clothing.

What happened to the Macy's Karen Scott clothing line?

In Springfield, Missouri the Karen Scott line is still available. We have a large selection available. Remember, product selection varies store-to-store. If you are having difficulty finding a product at your favorite store, visit us online at There is also a lot of Karen Scott available on eBay

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Where can you find Laura Scott clothing in dept stores?

Sears will be selling the Laura Scott Clothing line.

How can one start a clothing line?

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Where can you find the Karen Scott line in the Richmond Va area?

You can find her line in a Macy's Department Store, but they don't have a great line.

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Karen Neuburger does not manufacture or sell shoes. Her clothing line is primarily made up of pajamas and nightwear.

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its an awsome clothing line and expensive da!!!!! its an awsome clothing line and expensive da!!!!! its an awsome clothing line and expensive da!!!!! its an awsome clothing line and expensive da!!!!!

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