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FDR's New Deal attempted to fix the screw up the government started in the first place, by taking perfectly good factory workers and telling their employers that they couldn't hire them, and taking them to Montana to build fire towers instead. He forced farmers to burn crops and kill livestock, in the wacked out notion that this would raise farm prices and get the 'American Family Farm' back on it's feet. Six million pigs were sacrificed on the altar of the family farm, but no poor people got any bacon out of it. LBJ's Great Society took money from people who worked and saved, and gave it to people who didn't have jobs and didn't want to work. Interestingly enough, the poverty rate had been DECLINING (e.g., going down) for about twenty years - then in the 60's Democrats and to a certain extent, Republicans, realized they could BUY votes with federal tax dollars. So they started every thing from subsidies to farmers to keep prices up (e.g. Milk, Butter, Cheese, Corn, Wheat, Oats, Honey, Beef, Pork, Chicken, etc..) to AFDC and Food Stamps to help poor people pay for this food that got so expensive all of a sudden... Yeah, I know. Sounds stupid, doesn't it. Pay farmers to burn crops and kill livestock, so farmily farms don't go bankrupt. Pay poor people with food stamps to buy the food. Guess who's pocket they picked to spread all this money around. If you work, but not on a farm, YOU. Great society, eh?

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Q: Compare LBJ great society with Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal?
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