Citroen relay van second gear problem?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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hi i have run these since 2003 and first one had similar problem it was down to syncomesh in gear box ,but there are adjustments on remote gear linkage so check that first,mark

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Q: Citroen relay van second gear problem?
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Having trouble selecting gear citroen relay 2.5d van?

2004 citreon relay gear selection is very hard 1st and reverse very hard

What problem of Isuzu 4BA1 engine the manual trnsmission noisy in second gear only?

a noisy second gear in your transmission is that your second gear might have broken gear tooth which is mostly the problem with my cars.either the second gear on the counter gear or the second gear itself.

Where can one find a Citroen Berlingo for sale?

Citroen Berlingo is available at Top Gear. Top Gear has sales on Citroen Berlingo regularly. Another place Citroen Berlingo is available is at many car repair shops.

What could be the problem when you cant take your eagle talon out of second gear?

stock in first gear

How do you remove the gearshift cables on a citroen dispatch?

replace gear shift cable citroen dispatch

How do you remove the gear knob on Citroen ZX?


What causes a Hard shift from first gear to second gear Honda accord?

A hard shift from first gear to second gear in the Honda Accord could be because of a linkage problem with the transmission. It could also be a problem with the transmission screen needing to be cleaned or low transmission fluid.

Transmission stuck in second gear?

Several things can cause your transmission to be stuck in second gear. Broken or detached shifting linkage will cause the problem. A broken shifting for in the transmission can also cause the problem.

What type of oil do you use on a citroen c3 to top the gear box up?

Manual gear box oil: Total Transmission (B.V 75W-80W) part no. 9730. A2 or Citroen gear oil 2L part no. 9736.41 Automatic gear box are sealed unit: Citroen gear oil 2L part no. 9736.22 The oil can only be changed Automatic gearbox repair garages

Why wont your 93 deville shift out of second gear?

A 93 Deville that wont shift from second gear has most likely got an internal transmission problem. Unless the linkage is mis-adjusted, then the problem is onside of the transmission.

What if your citroen Picasso jammed in reverse gear?

There are two gear control cables which come from gear box to gear gaiter. Usually they need to be replaced, or one of them

What is cdg relay?

cdg is circular disk gear relay which is electromagnetic relay