Chevy k1500 run rough at idle in gear?

Updated: 9/13/2023
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Try checking your spark plugs & wires. Can also be caused by dirty fuel filter.

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Q: Chevy k1500 run rough at idle in gear?
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Very rough idle when dropped into gear on your 99 Chevy Tracker with the 2.0 engine runs fine otherwise have replaced the PCV and plugs no help?

you need the fast idle adjusted on the engine you may have idle set where it sounds fine in idle but not high enuff when dropped in gear.

You have 1987 Chevy pick up runs rough in gear did complete tune up fuel pump is new did find some carbon in number 2 cylinder just rough idle in gear?

a pile of poo

Why does Chevy blazer have rough idle and engine shake at idle?

Check the motor mounts.

Why do you have Rough idle 5.7 Chevy truck?

vacuum leak?

Why would '99 Chevy Malibu run rough from idle to 10 MPH when in gear and check engine light blinks?

autozone will scan codes for see what is wrong!!

What causes a 2001 escort zx2 to idle rough and even more rough when in gear?

MAF senso, or transmission fluid.

Why does a 1992 k1500 idle and take gas in park or neutral but wont take gas in gear?

Could be a very dirty fuel filter.

1989 Chevy k1500 with 5.7 won't idle?

either bad gasket under throttle body or bad iac valve

What causes 1991 Honda civic to run rough in gear at idle but runs ok when taken out of gear?

Bad oxygen sensor

Why 1991 Chevy silverado idles for a while then jumps to high idle?

I have 91 chevy k1500, It does this, Sometimes it will idle a few minutes, then jump to high idle and check engine light comes on, And sometimes its as soon as i start the engine... I was told it was a vacum leak, But im no mechanic

What would make a 1991 Chevy 1500 truck idle rough and die when its put into gear with out pushing the gas?

Either you were low on gas, you need a transmission check, or the fuel pump may be going out.

What would cause a 1992 Camaro with auto trans to idle rough when put into gear?

Sounds like a vacum leak to me.