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No. Carotene is a pigment. Beta-carotene is a form of Vitamin A. Keratin is a protein which makes up hair and fingernails.

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Q: Carotene and keratin are same
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Can eating keratin turn skin orange?

No, but carotene can.

The tough water-repellent protein found in the epidermal cells is called?

It is called Keratinocyte, which is in the outermost layer of the epidermis.

What are melanin and keratin?

Melanin and carotene are skin pigments that help block damaging rays from the sun. The more of these pigments in the skin the greater the protection.

In what foods is keratin protein found?

Foods that contain Keratin protein are poultry, fruits and vegetables such as Brussel sprouts and citrus fruits, kidney and liver. Keratin helps to make up a person's hair, skin and fingernails.

Is crystal hair treatment same as keratin?


What are fingernail made of?

Fingernails are made from a protein called "Keratin".

What is baleen made of?

Keratin (the same as what your fingernails are made of).

What is a rhinoceros' tusk made of?

Rhinos do not have tusks, but their horns are made from compacted hair and keratin (the same material as fingernails).

What are snake's scales made of?

The same substance as our fingernails - keratin.

Which protein forms the hair and nails?

Your hair is made up of a long string of the protein keratin, which is the same protein that is the building blocks for fingernails, feathers, and even claws in many other species. --------------- Our skin is made up of keratin as well.

Is hair and nails the same?

What hair and nails have in common is that they grow. A hair and nails what they have in command is that they are the same as dogs.

What are rhinoceros hair made out of?

Rhinoceros hair is made of the same material as human hair is, keratin. Keratin also makes up the rhino's horn.