Carb settings for 041 stihl farm boss?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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underneath the carb on the chain side (right hand side there are 2 small screws they look the sameone on top of the other. The top one controls the air to the carb (I think) the bottom controls the flow of gas to the carb. Turn the top one first remember where you had it to begin with and what direction u are turning it. If the does not help return the screw to its original position and do the same with the screw on the bottom. That should solve your problem if it is an air/ gas flow problem. If your chainsaw has been sitting for along time w/gas in it you will need to have it cleaned as the gas will turn to a shellack like substance in the carborator.

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Q: Carb settings for 041 stihl farm boss?
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