Can your wingspan be longer than your body?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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yes it can, for example Brittany Griner plays for baylor university WOO and she is 6'8 and her wingspan is 7'4 PRETTY AMAZING

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Q: Can your wingspan be longer than your body?
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Why do taller people have longer wingspans than shorter people?

This means that the distance of your spread wings is longer than you are tall.

How much longer is an eagle wingspan to a hawks wingspan?


What is the major difference between a glider and a powered airplane?

Gliders are lighter, have a much longer wingspan in comparison to its body, and lack an engine.

What is the wingspan of a b-52 bomber?

185' It's longer from wing tip to wing tip than from nose to tail

What is the smallest wingspan that a Bald Eagle can have?

As the animal grows and develops its wingspan will be shorter than the average adult wing-span, which is about equal to an adult human's: that is, about six feet, measured with wings/ arms outstretched from the body, parallel to the ground.

Can an owl got wings longer than 1m?

Yes, an owls wingspan can be far greater than 1m, some owls, such as the European eagle owl can span almost 2m in length

Are cuttlefish's arms longer than their body?


Are the cuttlefish's arm longer than its body?


Which snake has its tongue longer than its body?

None ! A snakes tongue is rarely longer than its head !

How does wingspan affect flight?

If you had a wing with fixed width and only changed wingspan the aircraft with longer wingspan would produce greater lift. The amount of lift produced by a wing is dependant on many different things but one of those things is wing surface area. Increase the wingspan and you increase area of the wing

What body part is massaged longer than effective?


What animal can have teeth longer than half its body?