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Q: Can your vision mess up if your hydrated?
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Do bar glasses mess up your vision?

Assuming you mean actual bar drink glasses, no, they do not mess up your vision in any way. If you mean the glasses with bars across them, they do not mess up your vision either.

Can laptops cause health problems?

Well computers and laptops can mess up your vision if you spend to much time on it. After that, you'll need glasses when your vision gets blurred.

How to improve my vision permanently?

To improve your vision permanently and naturally, find good nutrition for your eye(take vitamins), and always stay hydrated.

Which important property do stack algorithm have?

They will scratch and mess up. They will scratch and mess up. They will scratch and mess up. They will scratch and mess up. They will scratch and mess up. They will scratch and mess up.

How old should you be when you get contact lenses?

Does not matter but i wouldn't give it to a kid under 11 because you have to be careful with them and they could mess their vision up.

What is the part of speech of the word mess?

It can be a noun: "Please tidy up that mess."It can be a verb: "Don't mess with me!"

What is shriveled?

Dried up, de-hydrated.

What is the past tense of mess up?

The past tense of mess up is messed up.

Will marking pellets mess up a magazine for airsoft guns?

No. Marking BBs will not mess up a magazine BUT they may mess up your barrel.

Do guys like it when girls mess up?

depends what you mean by "mess up" Usually yes, because it shows that girls mess up too.

Can you get infected if you put your own contact lenses with another person?

If you mean sharing contacts, probably not, but you shouldn't be doing it (It would temperarily mess up their vision cause you have different perscriptions)

Can wizard101 mess up your computer?

It depends on what computer you have for wizard101 to mess up your computer.