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Your sister can sit ON your lap not IN your lap.

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yeah your sister can sit on your lap

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Q: Can your sister sit in your lap?
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What is wrong if a sister sit on her brother's lap and why some people look down upon it but same people don't mind if adult daughter sit in father's lap then what's wrong sitting in brother's lap?

Nothing is wrong with sitting on your brothers lap.. Its just like sitting in your fathers lap

Where in To Kill a Mockingbird does Scout sit in Atticus's lap?

Scout sits in Atticus's lap when she asks him what rape is. He tells her to sit in his lap and explains to her.

Where can anyone but you sit?

your lap

Can i sit on your lap?

no you can't

My aunt likes to sit on my lap is it wrong?

Wrong? Not necessarily. Weird? Yes. Ask yourself, why does she like to sit on your lap?

How do you get to sit on santakinz lap in the clubhouse on webkinz?

you don't really get to sit on his lap, but after you visit hi, you will be sent a picture of your webkinz on his lap. But you can't see yourself sitting there in the clubhouse.

What does it mean when a guys lets a girl sit on his lap?

It means he is attracted to her and likes her enough to let her sit on his lap and he could be horny for a lap dace or some making out time

What do you have when you sit but lose when you stand?

A lap

I am there when you sit but gone when you stand What am I?

Your Lap

Where does your lap go when you sit down?


Something to sit on?

lap bottom chair

Can the daughter sit in the Mom's lap?

Yes, she can.