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Yes you can. As an agent, you are allowed to write your own policies.

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Q: Can you write your own life insurance policy as a life insurance agent?
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Can you get a print out of your life insurance policy?

Yes, your agent or the insurance company can provide with a copy of your insurance policy.

What to do when life insurance policy mature?

If you have reached the age where your whole life policy matures, call your life insurance agent or the insurance company. They owe you a check. If you are talking about the end of a term policy, you are owed nothing.

What is the procedure for adding someone as beneficiary to a life insurance policy?

If its your policy, Just call your agent======== If not, Then NO!

Life insurance policy destroyed in fire how to obtain copy of policy?

Contact your agent or the company.

What is an agent fiduciary capacity?

To sell variable life insurance policy polices, agent must recieved

What type of life insurance sale does not include an agent?

When a person buys a policy online from an insurance company,there is no role of an agent in the whole process.

What companies offer liability insurance for life coaches?

Contact a good agent, if they do not offer a policy they will know an agent that does.

Are you obligated once you sign a life insurance application?

No, you are not obligated. You can cancel your life insurance policy at any time. Usually, there is a "Free Look" Period for life insurance that lasts anywhere from 10-30 days where you can return your life insurance policy to the insurer and get a full refund of premiums paid. Review your life insurance policy and ask your agent, or insurer, about this option before canceling your life insurance policy.

What are the requirements to file a life insurance claim?

To file a life insurance claim, a call can be made to the insurance agent of the policy who can help fill out any necessary forms. Certified copies of the death certificate should be submitted with the life insurance policy.

Is it fraud if a Life insurance agent receives a commission for a new policy then cancels it and does not return the commission?

A 'commission' paid to an insurance agent generally comes from the company that the insurance policy is placed with, NOT from the individual who bought the policy. If the agent knowingly, placed the policy with the intent of collecting the commission, and then immediately cancelled the policy then, yes, that would be fraud, unless his working agreement with the insurance company addresses it otherwise.

When must the policy summary for a life insurance policy be delivered?

Usually 30 days after policy issue. Copies can be obtained at any time after issue from the insurance company or agent.

Can your ex husband cash in on a life insurance policy on you after 35 years?

If he is showing as the beneficiary on your policy - yes. You can call the insurance company or your agent to change the beneficiary.