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What was the cause of the stain? If same came from a leak from a common source, the property owner's PD carrier would most likely be responsible. If you caused it, I do not believe your carrier would extend coverage. Do you have an endorsement on your policy that covers this type of occurrence?

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Q: Can you use your renter's insurance to replace stained carpet?
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Does renters insurance cover property damage due to carpet beetles in the home being rented?

Pests, Insects, fumigation and bug spraying are part of a property owners usual and expected maintenance costs. Homeowners insurance does not cover maintenance.

If a waterline burst and floods half of my carpet in the living room Will insurance pay to replace all the carpet in the room or only the damaged half?

Call and ask your claims agent. Probably the whole carpet.

Does a landlord in North Carolina have to clean carpet and repaint between renters?

He only has to do what's in the contract.

Will insurance cover the cost to replace the carpet throughout your house if the majority of it was damaged from an accident And you have the same carpet throughout now.?

No. If your carpet was damaged by a covered peril. Your insurance policy is only responsible for repair or replacement of the damaged part with like kind and quality. Their is no coverage for cosmetic aesthetics or exact match issues.

Can you glue carpet over oil stained wood?

Yes, if the oil stain is thoroughly dry. Use a Multi-purpose carpet glue.

How does acid stained concrete compare in price to tile hardwood or carpet?


How will kittens react to a cat pee stained carpet?

They might believe it's alright to use the carpet as a litter box since the smell will be in the carpet

Does home owners insurance cover damage caused by a renters dog urine on carpet?

A homeowners policy is not the proper policy for property rented to others. It is only for owner occupied dwellings and will not cover damage caused by anything other than a covered cause.

How do your replace a medium size hole in carpet?

Buy a new carpet.

Is laminate flooring good for use on stairs?

Laminate flooring used on floors can be slippery. Better to use hardwood stained to match your laminate elsewhere or replace the carpet runner.

Can you use hair dye to repair bleach stained carpet?

Yes, the chances of matching the color are slim at best...

Can i claim on insurance for soild carpet?

Insurance claims for CarpetIf your carpet has been "soiled" as a result of a covered peril on your policy then it would be covered.If the carpet is soiled as the result of normal expected use then it would not be covered.