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I have No idea! But steroids are disgusting & i don't care how buff it makes u. Honor God with your body! Love yourself 4 who u r. Quit being lazy & go & do the work to be strong instead of cheating!

Ladies will love u more!

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Q: Can you use steroids 2 months after varicocele surgery?
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What can you use to treat nasal polyps?

Some say steroids. Surgery can also help it.

What aftercare is prescribed for patients following tube-shunt surgery?

topical antibiotics and steroids. In addition, oral steroids may be given to patients who had ocular inflammation prior to surgery. Some surgeons use atropine to maintain the eye in a temporary dilated state

How can you decrease your 5k time by 8 minutes in 5 months?

i took steroids to reduce my time. i got 38 minutes and then i started to use steroids and now i am getting 25 minutes

When is gynecomastia not appropriate?

Excessive alcohol intake, marijuana use, or using anabolic steroids may cause gynecomastia. Surgery is not recommended for men who continue to use these products.

How do you use anabolic steroids in a sentence?

Many weight lifters use anabolic steroids.

How varicocele can be treated by homeopathy?

How varicocele can be treated by homeopathy? Varicocele is a condition in which the veins in the scrotum become enlarged and twisted. While homeopathic treatments are available for various health conditions, the efficacy of homeopathy in treating varicocele has not been scientifically proven. Varicocele treatment by homeopathy Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine that is based on the principle of "like cures like." Homeopathic remedies are prepared from natural substances and are highly diluted. The idea behind homeopathy is that a substance that causes symptoms in a healthy person can be used to treat similar symptoms in a sick person. Best treatment of Varicocele There are some homeopathic remedies that are sometimes recommended for the treatment of varicocele, such as Pulsatilla, Arnica, Hamamelis, and Aesculus. However, it is important to note that there is no scientific evidence to support the use of homeopathy in treating varicocele. Homeopathic treatment of varicocele If you are experiencing symptoms of varicocele, such as pain, discomfort, or swelling in the scrotum, it is important to seek medical advice from a qualified healthcare professional. They may recommend a range of treatment options depending on the severity of your condition, including surgical intervention.

Is it safe for diabetics to use steroids?

I don't think that steroids are safe or legal for any one to use.

Which celebrities use steroids?

Most athletes use steroids like Lance Armstrong.

Did slave owners steroids into slaves?

No, steroids were not in use duing the time of slavery.

Does kofi Kingston take steroids?

No. He Does Not Do Steroids. He has not Been suspended for drug use.

How many teens die from steroids?

There are hundreds of teens that die yearly from steroids. This can be both abuse of the steroids and prescription use.

Can you use testosterone instead of steroids?

Testosterone is the cornerstone of steroids. Alone, it's OK, but steroids without testosterone is bad.