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You don't specify on what material you are using the primer on.
In either case primer is paint that is made to seal and bond to the material you are painting, which in turn helps the regulat paint to bond. You CAN use primer as a final coat but the primer won't give you the hardness that a paint will or the shine, but there is no reason that you can't use it. Depends on the look you want. Hope this helps

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Q: Can you use primer as a finish coat?
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Can you use an oil kilz then use latex paint on wall board?

yes, you can. the type of primer rarely depends on the finish coat. the purpose of primer is to prepare the surface for finish coat. Latex primer with oil finish is ok. oil primer with latex finish is ok.

Can you use primer as a finish coat on a deck that has been previously primed and stained deck?

No, primer has no lasting qualities as a finish. It needs a harder paint over it.

How much primer for 800 sq ft of new drywall?

About 3-4 gallons of primer. Don't be stingy with it. Better primer coat improves your finish coat and primer is cheap.

What is an alternative to using primer paint?

You brush it, roller it or spray it. -Whichever method, you DO need primer if you want a good finish coat.

Can you use oil finish paint as a primer?


Can I use leftover new drywall primer to prime previously painted walls?

Yes, you can use it....but what are you trying to do? The drywall primer is specifically designed to seal the drywall and make the surface uniform. You will not get any benefit from using it on top of a finish coat except for using it as a base coat for changing colors.

Do you sand the primer before you paint your front door?

yes you need to sand before and after you put on primer to give a nice smooth finish with a sand block that been use not a new sand block cause its hard and it will scrape and when you put your finish coat you wont see the scratches and remember two coats are better the one coat

Stoving finish having anti corrosive and finish properties?

Is there any stoving top coat glossy finish which also act as primer as well as finish, bearing anti corrosive properties?

Can you use water base primer with a oil base as top paint?

You can use a latex base primer with oil base as top coat.

Has anyone painted vinyl siding on their house?

Many times! One coat latex exterior primer such as Kilz II Follow with finish coat Some paints advertise that they go right over vinyl without a primer but the paint holds up much better with a primer

After sanding the porch you use oil based primer and then latex paint wooden?

Once you have sanded and wiped down your wooden porch, use a top quality oil based primer. When that has dried apply a finish coat of latex "Porch & Floor" enamel . This will give you a durable finish that should last approximately five years.

What is the best way to paint an interior steel door?

Prime it with an oil based primer, then roll or spray your finish coat on.

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