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Yes Im contsructing one out of some limestone I got got from a rock quarry for free vs buying. Its not as uniform as it wouldve been if i had bought some.

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Q: Can you use limestone to make a bbq pit?
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Is used fire brick safe to use in deep pit barbecue?

Should be. Bricks are fired in a kiln, at least as hot as your BBQ pit.

What materials did they use to make the sphinx besides limestone?

It was originally carved from a single block of limestone.

What did they use to make pyramids?

giant limestone blocks

What type of stone did they use to make pyramids?


How do you make saltpeter on Doodle God?

to make saltpetre all you need to use is limestone and fertilizer good luck with the rest of the good =^[)

Can I safely use a Korean BBQ grill plate on a glass top stove?

Every place I looked for Korean BBQ grill plates stated that they should NOT be used on any glass top stoves. I wouldn't want to risk breaking my new stove, maybe check out a stand alone Korean BBQ pit.

What use limestone?

Limestone is used as a building stone, is cooked to make cement, is crushed to make road gravel, fill, and soil conditioner for agriculture.

How expensive is a limestone fireplace?

A limestone fireplace is moderately expensive. Limestone fireplaces range on different prices depending on what you use to make them. The average price is $500.

What materials did they use to make the lighthouse of Alexandria?

Built mainly with Limestone

What is a good BBQ sauce to use at a BBQ?

Masterfoods BBQ sauce is in my opinion the best BBQ sauce to use. It is rich, flavoursome, and comes in a squeeze bottle for ease and convenience. My family have used this BBQ for many years and all love it.

Can I make a BBQ grill gazebo safely?

Yes, BBQ grills are safe to use in a gazebo, however there are precautions that must be taken beforehand, like making sure the smoke has a place to escape to, and that the BBQ won't set the gazebo alight.

What do you use to make a pyramid?

Granite, limestone, mud bricks and thousands of slaves