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Q: Can you use gas oil mix in a pressure washer?
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Can you use Syn ATF in your pressure washer pump?

No because the gas powered pressure washers do not take oil. They are 4 strokes. Gas only.

What fuel mix used for a vr2500 pressure washer?

The VR2500 uses a Briggs and Stratton 4 cycle engine. No oil is mixed in the fuel.

Do oil and gas mix?

yes . gas is made from oil..

How much oil goes in a troy bilt pressure washer model 020242?

How much pump oil goes into a Troy Bilt Pressure washer Model 020242

Do I mix the gas in my Honda 110 3wheeler?

No, you do not mix oil with the gas as it is a 4 stroke and has an oil resivoir.

97 250 quadruner mix gas or stright gas?

its a mix of 32-1 oil mix.

Do you mix oil with gas for Sears Weedwacker 4 Cycle?

4 cycle means that you do not mix oil with the gas. They will have a place for the oil and a place for the gas seperate. Although, not many weedwackers have 4 cycle engines... 2 cycle engines are the ones that you need to mix oil with the gas.

How much oil goes in the honda power washer pump?

Honda K2400HH pressure washer pump how much oil do you need to put back in

How do you mix 2 cycle engine oil?

Look on the oil container and the engine that you want to use it in. The engine will tell you what ratio to mix the oil and gas at. The container of oil will tell you what amount of gas should be mixed with it. I have found that the best way is to put the oil into an approved gas can and then add the gas to it. This helps to mix the oil better.

Weres the pump on 1999 Chevy blazer 4x4?

pump ? what one oil ,fuel ,washer fluid ...oil is in the oil pan fuel is in the gas tank and washer is by the washer fluid res .. hope that helped

Do you mix the gas in a kawasaki 400?

You do not mix gas and oil in a kawasaki kz 400 motorcycle.

What is oil gas mix ratio for 20r73 Johnson?

Fuel /oil mix is 50:1