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Q: Can you use a regular foot bath to do a Ionic Detox Foot Bath?
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Why does one take an ionic detox foot bath?

One would take an ionic detox foot bath to remove toxins from the body. However, there is no convincing evidence that ionic foot baths actually do what they claim.

Where can one purchase an Ionic Detox foot spa?

There are many places where one can purchase Ionic Foot Detox baths. One of the best places where one can purchase Ionic Foot Detox baths at places like Amazon.

What is a detox foot spa and does it work?

A detox foot spa supposedly ionizes the water in the foot bath using a mild electrical current. This is supposed to remove impurities from a user's body through the feet. It sounds good, but it does not actually do what it claims to do.

How does the detox foot baths work?

The detox foot bath consists of electrodes to create both negatively and positively charged ions in warm water to rinse out and balance the body's electric cells. Detox Foot Bath really gives a luxury sensation to legs if the legs are cramped up inside socks, boots and wooly slippers. Foot detox also helps to filter toxin from body which helps in reducing headaches, poor circulation, constipation and other medical problems. For more information visit

Detoxifying foot bath?

One detoxifying foot bath recipe is to use 1 cup of Epsom salt, 1 cup of sea salt, 2 cups of baking soda, and several drops of lavender essential oil. Mix the ingredients well in the hottest water your feet can stand and soak your feet until the water gets cold.

What does it mean by clawfoot bathtub?

A claw foot bath tub simply describes the style of the bath tub, in that the feet of the bath tub appear to be a claw, rather than a regular foot style.

How do the detox foot pads and detox foot baths differ?

The detox pads are patches that you simply adhere to your feet at night. When you wake up in the morning, the patches tuen brown, supposedly indicating that they pulled toxins from your body overnight. The detox foot bath requires you to pour crystal salt (or whatever they supply you with) into a special foot basin filled with water. You leave your feet in there for about 20 minutes to have toxins pulled form you body. After your session is over, the water turns brown from the toxins it collected.

What are the ingredients in Mudoku detox foot pads?

i am in the Windsor area, where can i get these Mudoku detox foot pads.

Feet Detox For a Healthier Body?

It may be hard to believe or to understand but having a feet detox done can help the entire body. This is accomplished by toxins being removed from the body by way of the feet. The detoxification is a natural way that the body removes wastes, harmful substances and toxins. These are the things that can come into our body through water, makeup, the air and even foods. Even though the body removes these unwanted toxins by way of sweat, urine and stool, it still needs help for a more complete cleansing. That's when a foot detox will help. There are a few different ways to have a foot detox process done. The most well-known and most used are the foot detox pads or patches. These are very easy to use and the best time to use them is at night while sleeping. They are simply placed on the bottoms of the feet and kept on all night. When they are removed the next morning they will look dark and dirty. This is the result of the detox process. It is best to wear them each night for a whole month to complete the cleansing process. After that, they can be used every so often, perhaps once every few weeks. The foot pads mainly contain bamboo vinegar, herbs and tourmaline. Tourmaline is a mineral or stone that releases negative ions. Foot pads are not very expensive and it could be worth the time and easy effort to try them out. The results could only be good and there won't be any ill effects by using them. Another form of feet detox is the ionic foot bath. This is a very simple and relaxing way to enjoy a feet detox process. The foot detox machines, also called foot spas, use warm water with a gentle vibration that helps to release toxins through the pores of the bottom of the feet. As this is accomplished, the water will get darker just like the foot pads worn on the soles of the feet overnight. There are also no side effects with this form of detoxification. However, those who have any metal or electronic devices inserted, or those who have had an organ transplant should never use the ionic foot bath. Both of these methods are not expensive and both of them are so easy that there is no harm in trying one way of foot detox.

Does the detox foot baths work?

The detox foot baths have been called scams. Many reviews have been written that say that detox foot baths do nothing. The water turns color which makes the customer think something is happening when it is not.

Will detox foot pads clean your system from cristalmeth?

Detox foot pads don't work. The color is from chemicals ingredients breaking down.

Does an electric current run through your body during foot detox?

Yes, during the ionic foot detoxication electric current runs through the body of the given patient. The electric current is however very low to cause harm to the body of the patient.