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Q: Can you take volatrol with metrazapine and cocodomol and alchol?
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How many types of alchol are there in numbers?

# what types of alchol are used during these numbers? # How many people take alchol a year? # Does people realize,what alchol can do to there body?

How long does it take for alchol to leave the system?

Depending on how much alchol you have drunk, it takes many hours. If you drank lots the night before, alchol will still show up in the morning.

Can you take gabapentin and cocodamol together?

can I take co-dydramole and gabapentin together@

Is it bad to take codeine with panafcortelone?

Because you could die and you never mix medicine with alchol

How old do you have to be to take a drug and alchol test?

Don't know the minimum, but our kids that are in middle school (6th-8th) are required to take one if they are involved in extra curricular activities.

Which thermometr will you take when you go to south expedition mercury or alchol?

An Alcohol thermometer would be the best as it is more sensitive than the mercury thermometer.

Taking 50mg zoloft if you drink alchol will your bac increase more than normal?

No, but it's pretty -- ah -- pointless to take a depressant drug with an antidepressant.

What medicine should you take for a cut on your finger?

To disinfect, try rubbing alchol. If it gets worse and you get gangreen, try peroxide.It worked for me!(for external use only!)

How can i pass on an ignition interlock device with alcohol in my system?

dont drink and dive smoke weed or take pills if you need the necessary high to get by with you day and that is not the only thing you can do you can take heoin crack speed or meth ( same thing): or you can just try to drive your car off of alchol but you never know what may happen when you breathe into you inter lock with alchol in your system Try the product at

Should you take your child into emergency you put rubbing alchol in ears and he has the tubes?

It is not always necessary to take your child to an emergency room if he has tubes and you put rubbing alcohol in his years. It may be wise to call your pediatrician to ask for their advice.

What can hot glue do to a person skin?

absolutely nothing if u do accidently get it on u then it willl leave some sort of temporary blisteres..rubbing it with alchol or wat with soap will take care of it in a few days

If you drank alcohol tonight and had to take a saliva test tomrrow evening would it show up positive if i drank a lot of water?

if you drank enough water you would never know that you drank alchol