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Q: Can you take first response during the day?
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Can you take a shower during the first day of menstruation?

Of course you can.

When could you take a pregnancy test?

with a standard pregnancy test from the day your period is due. its best to do it with the first wee of the day. with others such as first response you can take it up to 6 days earlier, yhese results are less likely to be accurate. this also is best taken with the first pee of the day

Why does photosynthesis only take place during day?

Because there is only sun during the day

How do you know if you're already pregnant the day before your period?

Take an early response test.

What is the response for have a good day?

The response is, "Thank you."

What do raccoons do during a day?

Generally, raccoons are nocturnal and sleep during the day. However, they are also active at times during the day especially to take advantage of food availability.

What day was the first Thanksgiving Day on?

The First Thanksgiving was held sometime during the Autumn of the year 1621.

Can you take out newly peirced earrings after six weeks and keep them out?

yes and no. you need to keep some earring in. btu ccan take it out for a day or 2 at a time during the first ear.

Who started 'the day of silence'?

students at the University of Virginia organized the first Day of Silence in response to a class assignment on non-violent protests (1996).

What comes first day or night?

Depends on the time I was born, if I was born at night then noght came first, and if I was born during day then day came first.

How do get a child to sleep at night that will take normal naps during the day?

It really depends on how Many naps a day your little one takes, if you want them to sleep during the night, Take away a nap during the day so that they feel tired later on

What does TDD mean on a prescription bottle?

take during day