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You say you are over 13 but you sound young. Yes you can take just one tablet, but it stays in your system for at least 7 days. This means you cannot drink ANYTHING without getting violently ill. Sickness, shaking and high blood pressure which is potentially lethal. Why would you just want to take medication for one day only? Speak to your doctor is best!

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Q: Can you take antabuse just on occasion?
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Can activated charcoal absorb antabuse out of the body?

Yes. Just drink the AC half hour or before you take the evil antabuse. Just remember the AC will affect prescription medications. Wait about 2 hours befire ir after taking meds. or supplelements.

How long do reaction after alcohol antabuse mix what should you take?

Alcohol/antabuse reactions can be fatal. We will not provide information that could be used in potentially fatal activities.

Can you take antabuse and still use products with cetearyl alcohol in them?


Can you take percocet and antabuse?

Yes, but you might as well toss the Antabuse and go back to drinking. You're not recovering at all if you're taking drugs.

How do you spell antabuse?

The spelling "Antabuse" is a trademark name for an anti-addiction drug disulfiram.

How do you get antabuse out of your system?

Sober up and stop taking it. If your on antabuse it's for a really good reason.

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Where can one find information about Antabuse?

Antabuse is an anti-alcohol drug to help people who have alcohol addiction problems. One can find more information about the side effects, interactions, and uses for Antabuse on Web MD's official website.

Can antabuse cause false breathalyzer results?


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What is the drug given to deter drinking is?

It is called Antabuse.

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