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Yes, They do it on the elderly all the time.

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Q: Can you take an adults rectal temp?
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Why is rectal temp higher than oral temp?

Rectal temperature is much less influenced by other factors.

Is rectal temp 101.0 normal?


Should doctors take rectal temperatures of grown women?

Rectal thermometers may be used on adults safely at any time for any reason.

What is the rectal temperature of a three toed sloth?

The average rectal temperature of a three toed sloth is usually between 28 Celsius and 32 Celsius (If you take the temp for week). "I tried to take my sloth's rectal temperature but I lost my thermometer and got my hand dirty."

What temperature is maintained in the core organs by mammals?

Different mammals diff. temps dolphin won't have the same as a human. But usually if you take a rectal temp it will be close to that to maybe 2 degrees warmer humans average 98.6 temp in the mouth to to 2 degrees warmer rectal and possibly 2 more around the heart. My temp on average 99.8

Do you subtract a degree from rectal temperature?

No. You only add a degree when taking a axial (under the arm) temp. This is because the axial temp is taken externally, so it only gives a close approximation of the body's internal temperature. Since oral temps are taken from inside the mouth, they give you the accurate internal body temperature without having to add anything.

Can slow down the heart rate when taking a rectal temp?

Yes, while taking rectal temp, pressure may be applied on the vagus nerve. This could drop both heart rate and blood pressure

What does it mean if a baby body is warm but not to hot?

Depends on how warm we're talking about. Babies usually run a higher temperature than adults (probably because they have better blood circulation). Take a rectal or axillary (armpit) temp reading. Anything under 101 is nothing to worry about. Between 101 & 103, use luke warm baths.

What is a good temperature for kids?

Same as any other person, 98.6 of course some people have different temperatures normally, if u are within a degree or two dont worry especially if u did the temperature under the arm. the temp under the tongue is more accurate and the most accurate temp is rectal. of course doing a rectal temp is a little overboard.

Should rectal thermometer be used in adults or just babies?

I think it should be used in babies only.

What is the normal rectal temp for adults?

A generally accepted normal adult range for a rectal temperature is 98.6 degrees to 100.6 degrees Fahrenheit or 37 degrees to 38.1 degrees Celsius.Baby: Normal rectal temperature is 100.2 degrees Fahrenheit or less (37.9 degrees Celsius or less)*.*These are the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended ranges. It is suggested that you discuss this with your baby's health care provider.Good Luck Mate

How do you take a goats temperature?

With a rectal thermometer