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Q: Can you take a glass of wine with Prozac?
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How long after a glass of wine can you take Tylenol?

Depending on how many you took. If it was 1 or 2 regular strength, just wait a few hours (4-5) and a drink or two will be fine. If you're planning to go on an alcohol binge though, then you should wait a lot longer, 12 hours at the very least as you could damage your liver irreparably and that is one important piece of meat you don't want to lose. If you took a sizeable amount of tylenol, then you should also wait a couple of hours before you drink alcohol, unless you think it's worth the risk of screwing up one of your top 5 most important organs. Besides, it's not even that good of a buzz, mixing the two.

How long will a glass of wine stay in your system?

about an hour give or take

What is more healthy a glass of wine or a donut?

glass of wine

Can you take Prozac and phentermine?

Prozac and phentermine should not be taken together as this will cause a major reaction between the too. Increased side effects such as anxiety, jitteriness, and restlessness can occur if take

Why is a wine glass containing wine less stable than a wine glass with no wine?

Wine glass containing wine is less stable than an empty wine glass because winecreates a high centre of gravity, thus it is likely to topple over.Hope this helps :)

Can you drink white or red wine while on wellbutrim and Prozac?

Medically speaking you shouldn't mix alcohol and medication but in reality a glass or two (but no more) is probably ok for most people.

What is a wineglass called?

A wine glass is can be called a wine glass, or a goblet, each type of wine glass has a different name that goes along with the type of wine.

Can you have a glass of wine with pradaxa?

Yes, An occasional glass of wine is alright

How long does it take to metabolize 1 glass of wine?

About one hour.