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As far as I am aware as long as there is any pain and/or trauma caused no matter how insignificant then yes you can sue

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Q: Can you sue for a minor neck injury from a car accident?
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Whiplash is an injury to the what?

It is an injury to the neck. When the head is thrown backwards from force-such as in a car accident-and the neck is overextended-whiplash can occur. Below is an article that goes into more detail on whiplash.

Can you get whiplash from being in a car accident?

Yes, you can. In a 'rear end' collision the most common injury is whiplash which strains the neck.

How will emergency room personnel respond to a person who receives a head injury in a car accident?

If the injury is not severe, skull and neck X-rays will be taken to check for any skull fractures and for neck or spinal injuries.

Do you need a police report for minor car accident?

Arkansas law requires an accident report if there is any personal injury or total damage to all vehicles involved is $1,000 or more.

How can one receive compensation for an injury one suffered in a car accident?

One can receive compensation for an injury one suffered in a car accident by visiting the many leading injury compensation firm specialists such as Fentons which will help you receive compensation for an injury suffered in a car accident.

What helps prevent head and neck injuries in a car accident?

Air bags - in combination with a properly-fitting seat-belt are the best methods of preventing head and neck injuries during a car crash. However - some neck injury in the form of 'whiplash' can still occur.

What procedures must be followed in the case of accidents involving injury?

Are you talking about in a car accident or at work or at home or where? In the case of a car accident, the police need to be called. In all cases if it's a major injury, 9-1-1 should be called. Otherwise if there's just minor injuries, such as a small cut, one can handle the injury themselves.

How did Harry Styles beak his neck?

he broke his neck with a slippery car accident

Can a person in a car accident be sued for injury?


How much time does a person have to report an injury from a car accident to insurance company?

how much time does someone have to reporty an injury from car accident in state of new hampshire

Do you get settlement from a car accident injury if you have medical coverage?


What is accident injury?

An injury you acquire accidentally or in an accident. Examples are a broken leg from falling down the stairs, a concussion from a knock on the head from and accidental fall, or whiplash from a car accident.