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i used soaps earlier ... but it caused dryness and a sort of itching to me.. hence i now use bodywash. not only they are soft on skin , but give same effect as soap , with a nice fragrance. For me bodywash is a better alternative of soaps.

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11y ago
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Yes, you can always choose body wash over soap. Soap contains chemicals which make our skin dry and prevent oil production on our skin.

Strictly organic Sea Buckthorn and Patchouli body wash is very light and only contains the natural ingredients to hydrate and remove all the pollutants from the skin.

This body wash is for all skin types. It helps to combat all skin problems, be it dry skin, oily skin, or acne-prone skin. It helps to provide enough moisture without disturbing the pH of the skin. Do give a look at this body wash.

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Q: Can you substitute soap to wash your body?
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